Helium Balloon Gifts & Decor
Delivered, Perth (WA)

3rd Party Balloons

Very often we are asked to fill up balloons that weren't purchased from our shop with helium.

Yes, we are happy to do this, however beforehand please check -

1. Are they helium quality?

If they are helium quality it is usually clearly marked on the packaging. Cheaper latex balloons are intended for air filling only. Also, many foil balloons, particularly letters purchased at department stores, do actually say 'air only' but we commonly see these in-store as purchasers believe them suitable for helium. Sadly the fine print on the packaging for these is often misleading.

2. Are they big enough?

Even if the packaging says helium quality there are some balloons that regardless should not be filled with helium.

Latex balloons less than 30cm won't float for long and look pathetically small. Even if the packaging says 30cm there are some cheap brands (especially from supermarkets) that are not suitable.

There are also some knock-off foil balloons of quality brands that look the real deal but float lopsided due to poor manufacturing and/or design.

Also be wary of number and letter shaped balloons less than 80cm in height - they are usually designed for air-fill only - there's a reason why they come with a straw!

Please also note that if a balloon you bring in breaks/bursts we cannot take any responsibility for it and we'll have to charge you for any helium used.

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